One of my very first clients, I've loved being able to check in with Christiane and Hector and share in some pretty special moments. A baptism and two gender reveals later, we spent an hour in the studio before they added a daughter to the family :)

Running through Josh's plan the day before the proposal, it sounded like he'd covered his tracks and it'd be a complete surprise. But after seeing Kate's freshly done nails...we guys may not be as clever as we think ;P

Landed my first cover photo! Back in January I spent a couple hours with the guys at Nationwide Tools & Supplies and came away with these:

I'd been wanting to shoot portraits downtown for a while, so pretty happy that DJ brought the idea up for her senior session. Think we got some good ones!

Got a few souvenirs from fall in the mail the other day. Took a few photos, thought they'd last longer :)

The last time I was around henna, it was with coworkers, and I was on the losing end of a bet. Safe to say I didn't get anything as beautiful as what's in the photos below, so I was really happy to be there for Mahwish's mehndi ceremony!

Puppies and powder paint are great reasons to get out of bed for sunrise :) Engagement session ft. Karen and Tyler (and Molly and Lola)

A few of my favorites from a portrait session with Sergio. Along with confirming my theory that Louisiana produces the nicest people, he also had some interesting stories about working abroad in Scandinavia and trekking around the Himalayas!

I've followed Omar Z. Robles' work for a while, so I was excited to finally have been able to take some dance photos of my own! Getting the right timing and perspective takes some work, but having a dancer that can hit these sort of poses definitely makes me look good. Artworks Academy showcase shoot, 2nd Ward, Houston.